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Marketing your office space can be a very daunting task. Even if you have priced the property perfectly, ensured that there are plenty of quality amenities or made amazing new office refurbishments, you’ll still need effective marketing to get a lease signed.

With so many different factors contributing to the success of marketing your office space, there are simple steps that you can make to maximise its potential. How you photograph your office space can have the most impact on attracting potential tenants, so knowing some of the best ways you can photograph your office space is more than likely going to help you attract the right people.

These are just a few top photography tips for marketing your office space:


1) What Impression Do You Want To Make?


Before you start taking photos of your office space, take a moment to think about what impression you like to give potential business tenants. There are several things you can do that give a warm welcome, such as taking shots of the entrance, then following this with lots of individual shots of the office space. On the other hand, you could take a few panoramic shots that show off how impressive your space is. Only once you’ve decided should you plan where to position your camera to achieve the best outcome.


2) Wide Angle Lenses


With a little practice and careful eye, you can capture stunning wide images of your office space that truly show off the area you are marketing.

To get a full view effect, you can use wide-angle lenses that tend to range from 16mm to 24mm. These lenses allow you to capture an optimal wide shot of your interior, and are great at capturing large office spaces.


3) Lighting


Internal photography is so important that it is almost a specialism in itself. Finding the right lighting for your office space can mean the difference between marketing a dark, dingy office with little natural lighting, compared to showcasing your bright, light and airy office- which is much more appealing for potential tenants.

As general rule when it comes to photographing office space, it that it is best to look for softer lighting, so try shooting from windows during the photography ‘golden hours’- early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

You need to ensure you find the balance in the lighting in your office space so that there are no overly dark shadows or any over powering bright highlights that may distort how the space actually looks. Make use of what is already available to you; use lamps, overhead lights and natural light from windows to help create a light and inviting office space. Play around with what you have until you achieve the desired look that shows off your great space.


4) Take Photos From The Corner


To achieve the widest perspective of your office space, try squeezing yourself into a corner of the room. This will allow you to capture more of what makes your space so special and is more likely to incorporate areas of the entire room into your shot.

Try taking some photos from each corner of the room, so you can identify the perspectives of each and you can choose which shots most represent the look you are after. It is also quite common for interior photographers to press their camera against the wall to get as wide angle as possible.


5) Photograph Your Office Space From Different Perspectives


Shooting from different perspectives and angles can be great way of showing off all different kinds of office space. To add a sense of grandeur, take a few wide-angle shots from high up in a corner of the room, whilst keeping the camera straight.

Look for elements of your office space that offer a good view of the rest of the space, for example a staircase, or you could use a step ladder to help you reach some higher points.

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