Office Technology in 2019 and Beyond
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Office Technology in 2019 and Beyond

Office Technology in 2019 and Beyond

The modern office landscape is ever-changing with new technologies altering the way we perform our day-to-day tasks. When utilised correctly, design and technology can help you win the war on talent retention and increase staff productivity. From considering basic elements such as proper lighting, sit/stand desks and even comfortable temperature control, employers can reap many benefits in the long run.

However, with myriad design and technology options to choose from, keeping your office up to date takes effort and planning. In this blog we look at some of the latest technology being used in offices right now and what new technologies we might enjoy in the future.

Automated Work Environment

Sensor technology could produce happier and healthy employees according to a recent white paper from Haworth. From sensors able to identify environmental needs and adjust them automatically to provide a more pleasant workspace for all, to voice activated devices that book meetings and make calls and sensors that ensure the coffee machine orders its own beans; the ability for the Internet of Things to streamline our work and home lives is endless. Early versions of this technology are already being used in companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft.


We are all accustomed to daily, weekly and monthly meetings and teleconferences and have no doubt read numerous articles on how much time is taken up with boring, unproductive meetings.

With advancements in VR technologies, having meeting in 3D would certainly add another dimension and gives these meetings a new edge. Having interactive displays can also make collaboration more meaningful and ideas can be better visualised and shared.


With the proliferation of mobile devices, communication is now at your fingertips making it faster and more efficient than before. Having a universal platform or IM from a professional stance can mean people are able to share their ideas and communicate instantly, this is certainly not ‘new’ but it’s something that every company should now have.


With a focus on health and wellbeing in the workplace, adjustable desks are increasingly in demand for employers and employees alike. Sit/stand desks and desks programmed with several different pre-set heights and cable management systems are all becoming more commonplace while more recent developments include fully integrated sit / stand / recline workstations with arm mounted monitors and keyboards and even cycle desks.

Smart Lighting

With the introduction of smart lights such as Philips Hue not only can employers save additional overheads, they can also increase the lifespan of their bulbs which can adjust to any environment and change colour on demand. Smart lighting gives employees the ability to create the right ambience dependant on the task at hand- from cool and energising to rev up your morning meetings, to warm and relaxing to help unwind after a stressful presentation.

Smart IT

Improved computing can make a massive difference in the way we work, having the latest laptops/desktops can allow us to work faster and smarter and accomplish more tasks with greater accuracy. Integrated technology provides workers with the ability to pick up their laptop and plug it in anywhere within the office. Modern offices provide furniture with built in power points to allow for that flexibility and with the rising popularity of Resimercial space, flexibility becomes ever more important.

Technology provides endless opportunities for modern office design and 2019 will certainly be the year to take advantage of it. Keeping your office up-to-date takes effort and planning, so why not reach out to us and find out how we can help create an office that’s fit for the 21C and beyond.

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