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Workplace Strategies To Win The War For Talent

Workplace Strategies To Win The War For Talent

With the war for talent raging around us, and the cost of replacing staff estimated at 1.5 times annual salary (CSM.com), attracting and retaining talent is becoming one of the key challenges facing businesses today.

Employee expectations are changing and businesses that focus solely on salary and benefits are losing out. New technologies allow us to change where, when and how we work, however, workplace design has been slow to catch up, with many businesses still providing a traditional - often drab - office box with a single desk at a fixed location.

Businesses that recognise the changing landscape and needs of workers are looking to workplace design to help attract and retain the best talent- and giving HRs a seat at the table during these discussions.

So how can businesses adapt their workspace to meet the needs and expectations of today’s top talent? Here’s some of our top strategies to improve your workplace:

Provide access to nature

From natural lighting to Biophilic Design, providing a connection with the natural environment has been shown to improve wellbeing in a wide variety of industries.  Give shared spaces the priority to positions with outside views and encourage staff to spend time outside.

Introduce collaboration

Whether that be a large round table with write-on surface or areas for sitting or standing meetings, collaborative workspaces should be a part of every office, assisting with knowledge share, teambuilding and bringing people together.

Keep up with technology

Improved IT and connectivity can make a massive difference in the way we work, having the latest laptops/desktops can allow us to work faster and smarter and accomplish more tasks with greater accuracy. Integrated technology provides workers with the ability to pick up their laptop and plug it in anywhere within the office.

Add some resimercial design

This can bring a light-hearted, friendliness into a workplace and powerhouse companies including the likes of Microsoft, Google, Uber, and A‌i‌r‌b‌n‌b‌ are investing in resimercial design to increase employee retention, productivity, and creativity. In short, it is a layout and furnishing style that brings the homely feel of residential furniture into the workplace.

Consider colour theory

Colour profoundly affects mood and perception. There are some cultural differences around how colours are perceived but research suggests that blue colour affects your mind, yellow your emotions, red your body, and green your ‘balance’. By having an understanding of these colours, you can help create an environment that fosters the best from your employees.

How Can We Help?

Having the right office environment to attract and retain your top talent is more important than ever. At Axis House, we are committed to helping you get the very best from your office space, which is why we are here from the very beginning.

Whether you are planning a complete office refurbishment, or a redesign of your current space, Axis House will be there every step of the way. Careful planning starts with you and your requirements, so you’ll be guaranteed stunning results that exceed your expectations. Why not view some recent case studies to see how we’ve helped businesses just like you to better utilise their space to meet the needs of employees.

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