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4 Ways Good Office Design Can Improve Your Business:

4 Ways Good Office Design Can Improve Your Business:

Your office is much more than a collection of desks, computers and phones. It is the embodiment of your brand, your values and ethics, your corporate culture - it communicates to the world how you treat your staff and customers and how you do business.

What does your workspace say about you?

Having a well-designed office space that reflects your brand’s personality and ethos is the perfect way to give your organisation a competitive edge. Projecting the right image can make the difference between winning business and losing out to the competition. 

4 ways good office design improves your business:

1.    Morale and productivity

A well designed and decorated office space has a massive impact on how your employees feel about your company. A layout that provides different work spaces for team and individual working, with easy access to services will add flexibility and improve collaboration.

2.    Attract & retain the best talent

The office space is increasingly identified as a tool to help recruit and retain the best talent. A company is only as good as its people, so it is vital that you provide them with an attractive work environment that provides for their working needs.

Having a workspace that truly reflects your company culture and what you stand for can assist in retaining your employees, as well as attracting fresh talent and ideas from potential employees.

3.    Reputation

Office design has evolved significantly over the years, with the workplace now considered a strategic asset. Remember that your office says a lot about you, and in many cases can leave a long lasting first impression on whoever visits you. 

Creating a great workspace not only makes your organisation desirable to current staff and future hires, it can also enhance your organisation’s reputation. There’s nothing more effective than word of mouth so make sure your workspace remains in your visitors’ memories for all the right reasons.

4.    Employee relations

Building strong cohesive teams is more important than ever in such a competitive business world. The need for collaboration within a workspace is vital and can be achieved by ensuring optimum office space utilisation and introducing flexible working areas, break out zones and quiet pods. Companies that place emphasis on creating an inspiring office space that encourages collaboration see benefits and rewards in terms of employee happiness and culture. 

To create a space that is a true reflection of your company values, brand and culture contact the Axis House team to arrange a free consultation today

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