How Millenials Are Influencing Workplace Design
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How Millenials Are Influencing Workplace Design

How Millenials Are Influencing Workplace Design

Today’s workplace design is being heavily driven by the changing working styles, mobile technology and the growing presence of millennials. Making up over a quarter of the UK population, and predicted to make up 50% of the workforce by 2020, Millennials are with no doubt one of the largest influencers on workplace and office design.

Millennials will be the future leaders of many organisations within the next ten years. Many are ambitious and want to seek out the ability to evolve their organisation’s workplace culture through enhanced design and ways of working. 


Less Priority on Privacy

Millennials have shown that they expect different things from their workspace and appear to value open spaces and identify the need to collaborate with their peers. Open layouts give more direct access to decision makers in the organisation and encourage a more collaborative approach to tasks.

Millennials are becoming more and more comfortable working in collaborative areas; take a look at our case studies which demonstrate how we achieve collaboration through bespoke office design.


Increased tolerance to shared desk areas

We are moving away from a time where traditional offices consisted of rows of desks, separated with partitions that excluded employees to individual working areas. With the rise of the millennial workforce, we are adopting a new approach to desk layout. Many companies are warming to the idea of investing in longer, or even curved and L- shaped desks that can accommodate several employees in a row and encourages team involvement.


A Flexible Work Environment

Millennials are a generation that seek communication and especially flexibility on how they work. The right office design can work wonders in terms of employee productivity if your work environment allows communication and flexibility to occur simultaneously.

Communal areas such as relaxation areas and booths can boost creativity by encouraging interaction and engagement. Flexible work environments are key in sparking innovation for a generation that puts communication above all.



The desire for an organisation to have an emphasis on a healthy lifestyle and appreciation for a balance between work and life is becoming more attractive for millennials.

Having an outdoor area is a great way of promoting wellbeing in the workplace and also offers variety for employees.


How is the workplace adapting?

  • Workplaces are responding to the requests of millennials and are investing more in furniture for collaborative and relaxation areas. These collaborative areas exist outside of the traditional open office layout and provide areas where employees can connect and interact casually with their colleagues.
  • Other considerations including technological advancements are being implemented to ensure that millennials have mobility and flexibility in the workplace.


Millennials desire a working environment that is both comfortable and attractive. Utilise your space to make it grab potential customers and employees’ attention. Achieve this through a bespoke office design that covers all areas of your workspace, from furnishing, convenience, lighting and colour schemes. Contact Axis House today for more information on how to improve your office design.


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