5 reasons why you need to redesign your office space
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5 reasons why you need to redesign your office space

5 reasons why you need to redesign your office space

Space is at a premium

Refurbishments can often take place due a perceived lack of desk or meeting space, however, many businesses are not properly utilising the space they have.

From 10-seat meeting rooms being used for one-to-one meetings, to desks allocated to individuals that frequently work from home or visit clients.

A redesign of your office will allow you to better utilise your existing space by offering employees more choice on how and where they work. Undertaking a space utilisation study beforehand will also help identify under used spaces that can be put to better use.

You’re giving clients and staff a bad impression

Your office space can be one of the most powerful tools in reflecting your brand identity to your employees and clients.

Ensuring your workplace embodies your brand personality will give your employees a sense of identity and help them to better connect with the company and its values.  It will also instantly communicate to potential new hires and clients what your company’s about and what you stand for.

Inspire your people

Working in the same, tired environment for a long period of time can have a negative effect on productivity.

According to the Fellowes Workplace Productivity Survey 2018, workers in modern offices are the most productive.

A fresh workplace design can significantly increase productivity levels, as your employees will feel inspired, more positive and motivated by their new environment and enabled by improved technology and connectivity.

Employee engagement also reflects on your bottom line, as happy staff create happy customers.

Improve health and wellbeing

Wellness is defined as ‘the active process of becoming aware of and making choices towards a healthy and fulfilling life’. Workplaces which do not prioritise wellness can cause significant damage to the health of their staff.

In 2018, UK employees lost 13.6% of their working hours due to absence. This figure translates into an average loss of 35.6 days of productive time per employee per year.

Implementing a wellbeing programme at work can be a daunting prospect, but careful space planning, clever use of design and considered use of materials can go a long way towards achieving wellbeing in the workplace.

Give your people the space they need to perform

Creating a workspace that effectively caters for the needs of different personalities, working styles, specific tasks and processes is a complex task but the benefits can’t be underestimated.

According to Steelcase’s Report, ‘Engagement and the Global Workplace’, most workers classified as highly engaged and satisfied had a choice of workspaces while 42% of those surveyed felt like they didn’t have enough informal spaces.  

Furthermore, the Leesman report on Employee Workplace Experience found that almost 70% were dissatisfied with workplace noise levels.

Introducing activity-based working allows employees to choose their preferred workspace for the job at hand. Whether that’s a soundproof booth for phone calls, comfy seating for informal catch ups or touchdown spaces for visiting colleagues.

In summary

Your workplace design and environment are critical to the success of your business.

Having the right workspace can help attract and retain top talent, make a favourable first impression and helps staff get their jobs done.

At Axis House, we are committed to helping you get the very best from your office space, which is why we are here from the very beginning. From space utilisation studies and staff surveys, to VR walkthroughs and complete turnkey packages; we help you discover what your business really needs.

Why not view some of our recent case studies to see how we’ve helped businesses create spaces that benefit their people and their bottom line.

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